Please call us at 502-794-6158 for available classes.  
Check back for our Summer Class Offerings.

Dancing Princess Royal Ball - Dance Class, Craft, Dress-Up, Snack.  Ages 3 to 6.  This is a special event class that is open to all ages, even though the 3 to 6 year olds will enjoy it the most.  For 2 hours your child will enter into the pretend Kingdom of Allegria and be guests at the King and Queen's Royal Ball.  


$25.00/ 1st Child

$15/ each additional


Friday Night Dance Party- We are blending our fun Kids Night Out with a Dance Camp/ Class.  These thematic evening will be offered for ages 3 to 5; 5 to 8; 8 to 10 and 11 to 14. Dates, times and cost will be posted soon.


Summer Dance Exploration - These weekly classes allow a dancer to continue with their dance studies or explore a new dance style.  Participants in our summer dance exploration program are invited to participate in performing at the State Fair in August.  


Competition Team Training and Auditions -  During this summer program students who may be interested in competing for the 2014/2015 school year take classes in one or more disciplines. Open to ages 5 and Up.




Tuition Rates


Tuition is based on a yearly fee that we divide into monthly payments.  It is not based on the number of classes in any given month.  So some months you may have 5 classes and some 3 classes.  Monthly tuition rates are reflective of this.   You DO NOT have to commit to a year of classes, but it is more beneficial for your child to attend consistently.


30 Minute - $38/Month

 45 Minute - $40/Month

1 Hour Class- $45/Month
1 Hour 15 Min - $55/Month

1 Hour 30 Min  - $65/Month

1 Hr 45 Min - $75/Month

2 Hours - $80/Month

2 Hours 15 Min - $85/Month

2 Hours 30 Min- $90/Month

3 Hours - $100/Month

3 1/2 Hours - $110/Month


Solo/Private Classes - $20/each 30 Minute Class.


Family Discount- 35% off above rates for 2nd child and each subsequent family member.   Family discounts do not apply to the unlimited class rates.


VIP Club Rates-  The VIP Club is an unlimited enrollment plan.  This allows those enrolled in the Kids Club to take any and all the classes in their age/level for one low price.  

Tots- Ages 1 to 4 - $65.00/Monthly

Kids - 5 to 7- $95/Monthly

Ages 8 & up - $135/Monthly

Our Princess dance camps incorporate dance, crafts, and snacks into each session.  Children will love playing "make-believe" during the creative drama component and will imagine their way to the royal ball.  We encourage dress up during this camp.