Tuition Rates and Other Fees

Tuition is based on a yearly fee that we divide into monthly payments.  It is not based on the number of classes in any given month.  So some months you may have 5 classes and some 3 classes.  Monthly tuition rates are reflective of this.   You DO NOT have to commit to a year of classes, but it is more beneficial and safer for your child to attend consistently.


Registration Fee-

All those who enroll and attend by September 30th will enjoy a $0 Registration Fee

Those who enroll and attend classes beginning in the October and November Months will have a $15 Registration Fee and Those who enroll and attend classes December 1st and later , registration fee is $25.00.  There are no registration fees for the summer programs.  


30 Minute - $40/Month

45 Minute - $45/Month

1 Hour Class- $50/Month
1 Hour 15 Min - $55/Month

1 Hour 30 Min  - $65/Month

1 Hr 45 Min - $75/Month

2 Hours - $80/Month

2 Hours 15 Min - $85/Month

2 Hours 30 Min- $90/Month

3 Hours to 4 Hours - $100/Month


Solo/Private Classes - $20/each 30 Minute Class.MUST be enrolled in a group class to enroll in private classes.

Family Discount- 25% off monthly rates for additional children.   


Boys Discount -  Boys Receive 50% off tuition rates, cannot be combined with other discount rates.


*Classes must have 4 students to run.  Students with fewer than 4 students may be combined with another class or cancelled.  

Recital Information





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Our Princess dance camps incorporate dance, crafts, and snacks into each session.  Children will love playing "make-believe" during the creative drama component and will imagine their way to the royal ball.  We encourage dress up during this camp.