Our Fall Schedule is currently being added to and worked on.  If there is a class that you are interested in and not shown, email us.  All classes are being offered in-person and virtually. Classes begin in September.  In addition to La Petite Class offerings, Dancers who enroll in inperson or virtual classes have access to the CLI Studio   classes, archived classes, and  bonus "specialty" classes.

For Elementary School Age Dancers, we offer the Rising Stars Program.  Combo Classes are available for dancers ages 5 to 9. These classes incoporate dance technique and dance concepts to develop dance skills, love of dance, self esteem, and creativity.  

Optional performance opportunities are available to all dancers and families to develop those skills and give you a chance to watch the continued growth of your dancer.  

1 Hour Ballet and Tap 

1.5 Hour - Ballet/Tap/ Jazz/Acro

You have the option of choosing any combo (where available)  For example, if you want to do tap/Jazz/acro with no ballet.  Or Ballet/Jazz/Acro with no tap you can do that too.  

Rising Stars 1- Light Blue Dance Dress, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers, Tan Tap Shoes. 

Rising Stars 2- Royal Leotard, pink tights, Pink ballet slippers, tan tap shoes. 
 My Dance Bag -  is a prop kit with the props that we use in class.  Throughout the year additional props will be added to the kit.  This ensures that your dancers hands are the only ones that touch their props.  This kit is included in enrollment.

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