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La Petite Dance Company

We have always looked at offering our dancers the best opportunities both for their physical dance growth but also the growth of each dancers emotional well being. 

In addition to these we take into account the cost and value added experiences that are available to dancers today and that come up. 

We have attended local and national dance competitions, performed at Disney World, and in NYC.  We have attended off site workshops and have invited teachers to teach master classes at our studio.  We did all of this to provide opportunities for our students.  In addition our staff has attended the National Dance Institutes Teacher training in New York; Brain Dance Education in Seattle; Acrobatic Arts Acro Certification and continuing education; Hip Hop Festivals; National Teacher Conferences in Chicago, Orlando, Vegas, Charlestown, NYC, and more.  With the goals of staying on top of quality dance education standards. 


Thirty years ago I taught at a studio that did not compete and it’s focus was a children’s dance company. The teachers and staff were all conservatory based educators and this allowed me opportunities to see dance from a process based approach. This also allowed me to dance and teach within the university settings.  With that experience I knew I wanted a dance company but it never was quite the right time.  With the continued desire to develop a performance based company and the rising costs of competitions and the lack of regulations within the competition sector the time seemed to be upon us. We are currently getting ready for the inaugural year of our shift of focus from  a Competitive Only Team to a Performing Arts Company.  It is our goal that with this shift we will be able to develop the love of dance and performing arts within our students in a non-competitive but committed atmosphere.  

Highlights of our Company...

Student Choreography Showcase

Full Length Story Dance Performance

Musical Theater Jr. Performance

Master Classes and Showcase Opportunities

2 Regional Competitions/Season

Adult Dance Company

Future alliances with local events and theatrical companies

Hosting a Dance Festival here in Louisville


If your child loves to dance and they love to perform. We'd love to have them join us for our next season and be a member of our Year 1 Company.  More information to follow.

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