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Many may wonder and some have asked, why do you even have a dress code?  Can my child just wear comfortable clothing?  Why are certain types of dancewear required?  This article answers those and other questions.

There are thousands of children around the United States that participate in organized sports.  The idea of wearing a uniform; whether it's a t-shirt with a sponsor's name and matching pair of shorts with cleats and shin guards; a full football uniform; or a karate gi isn't questioned.  However, come into the dance classroom and it strikes a nerve with some.  Why is it necessary?

First dancers need to be able to move comfortably.  Jeans, shorts etc are restrictive; sweat shirts get in the way.  Wearing a leotard/Biketard, leggings, allows the dancer to move unrestricted.  It allows them to fully extend their bodies and allow for flexibility and strength to improve.  Proper shoes allow for proper technique and learning.

 Second,  a pscyhological thing happens when a dancer is dressed like a dancer...they dance better.  They see the image that they are trying to portray.  The picture in their mind of what a real dancer looks like transfers over and it in turn helps them be more free with movements and the love of dancing comes out.  In tap, dancers wearing tap shoes can hear proper sounds when performing steps correctly.  In ballet and jazz, ballet slippers and jazz shoes allow movements and turning with ease and leap without sounding like a ton of bricks.  We have seen dancers improve just by wearing dancewear.

We teachers are able to see correct alignment and placement, and therefore we are able to correct mistakes in the early stages before they become bad habits or create injury.

Why do they wear the same outfit in certain classes though.  Can't I just wear a leotard I find?

This is a very good question and some dance studios do have dancers choose which leotard or dancewear to wear.  We don't for the following reasons.

  • Uniformity for informal performances and winter concert.  By having everyone matching for each class, we can take advantage of this uniformity for informal performances.  Rather than charge an extra costume fee or a costume rental fee, we opt to save parents money by utilizing the dress code items.  We pick colors and styles that will work for our specific performances. We take into account dancers that are enrolled in more than one class and choose styles and colors also to avoid the need of multiple items.  For example, a dancer may be enrolled in a ballet class, but also jazz and also acro.  The dress code allows for the base leotard to remain the same. 

  • Time Saving.  As a mom of 4 children, I look for ways to make your dance experience simple.  Rather than run around looking for the items in the size or color for your child.  We utilize the  We also will be utilizing our studio number is 66639.   At 11 o'clock at night you can log on order what you need and have it shipped to the studio; Saving time and making it available when you do have the time.  In addition, there are no arguments about what your child will wear and we become the "bad guy"  they won't give you a hard time.  😃

  •  Correct Fitting-  Most dancers who have purchased shoes outside our studio come in with them too large.  Dance shoes need to fit properly so dancers can learn the steps correctly and so that they don't injure their feet and legs.   We can size your dancer, or can recommend sizing and width options. We also know when a shoe isn't going to work. Dance shoes should not be floppy or loose on your child's foot.  Some children may need to get used to shoes fitting correctly.  They may think that the shoes are too small prompting parents to get a larger pair, but then end up getting blisters because they rub and fall off.  We have even had our mirrors cracked by a flying tap shoe that was too big.  

  • Better Quality - For years we have had damage done to our floors and gym mats because of cheap tap shoes.  The cheaper aluminum they use on these shoes leave an aluminum dust on the floors.  This dust is very hard to clean and creates more friction on the floor.  Also, ballet slippers pick up this dust and when we have combo classes with Acro, or the dancers stand on the mats it deposits it on the mats.  Our mats have been pressure washed to try to get it off and it doesn't.  Our equipment looks old and dingy because of this and we can't get it cleaned off. The satin, "after dance" slipper makes dancers trip and slip and it improperly develops the foot.  Also, the leotards that we use are a stronger cotton/lycra/supplex than what you will find in department stores allowing them to be utilized longer or handed down.  The tights that we use are a thicker quality than what you find in the stores as well.  

  • Street Clothes -  Another reason we are specific on our dress code is that dancers didn't follow the relaxed code.  They had the option of wearing any dancewear and dance shoes and they came in with shorts, skirts, tshirts, socks etc.  Being specific ensures that dancers will wear dancewear. 

  • Ease in class.  Contrary to many artist renditions, ballet dancers NEVER have bows on their shoes.  Stopping class to tie shoes with 8 little dancers can take a lot of time in class.  The ballet slippers we use have no strings.  If dancers need a special wider shoe that have strings, we cut them off after they have been sized to their foot.  Tap shoes that have buckles instead of bows, never need tying in class and they don't distract. 

What about hair and jewelry?  

  • Hair need to be up in a pony or bun.  Why?  As we dance we need to see the neck for alignment.  Turning can toss hair in our mouth and eyes.  Doing acro skills with long hair hanging is asking for that hair to be pulled out.  

  • Dangling ear rings can be pulled out of our ears, rings and scratch fellow dancers, necklaces can choke or break.  

As you can see there are many reasons that we follow a dress code.  Consider it just part of dance training.  As your child continues with dance going from one color to the next denotes advancement and they get excited to move up to the "Big Girl" color. 

La Petite School of Dance Dress Code 2024/2025

Any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Text or email is the best way to reach us.

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