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Hello 2024

This is our first installment of our updated and newly integrated Blog. Not only will we have studio information, we will have our dance class concepts that we are learning, dance class choreography and videos, and tips to enjoy your dance class experience. You may notice that some of the posts will be recycled from our previous blog and updated for our new location and offerings, but our philosophies have remained the same.

Winter is one of those seasons that I look at lovingly in front of a fireplace. I am not a fan of cold weather, however I love a good snowfall. I love those days when the traffic is light, and the white balls of frozen fluff are falling from the sky. Here in Louisville, our snow fall totals are usually insignificant and the number of time we can build an actual snowstorm is even less. That is why we chose our Frozen Wintry Dance Theme for January 2024. Our dancers return to their classes with a decorated studio of snowflakes and snowmen and our littles can be heard singing "Let it Go" while swirling with their props of snowflakes.

In addition to the wintry theme that we follow for songs and activities, we also follow dance concepts too. Concepts such as pathways, bodyshapes, speed, energy and others. These are interspersed throughout each class so that dancers can work on movement qualities and understand that space around them.

Dancers in our Mini, Little and Rising Stars will receive a new piece each week to build their snowman. At the end of our theme month dancers will have collected all the pieces to build this snowman.

I purchased the kits on Oriental Trading if you are looking to do this craft too.

Spotify Playlist - Here is the link for our January Playlists

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