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Tuition Rates and Other Fees

Our studio follows a schedule that follows the school year, but you can enroll at any time.  Once enrolled your class space is held month to month.    

Yearly Registration Fee- $30 / one student ; $50/family

30 Minute Class - $42/Month

45 Minute Class - $45/Month

60 Minute Class - $50/Month 

75 Minute Class - $55/Month

1 1/2 Hours Classtime - $65/Month

1 3/4 Hours Classtime- $75/Month

2 Hours Classtime - $80/Month

2 1/4 Hours  Classtime- $85

2 1/2 Hours Classtime - $90/month

2 Hours 45 Minutes - $95/month

3 Hours  -$100/Month

3 Hours 15 Min- $110

3 Hours 30 Min- $115/Month

3 Hours 45 Min- $120/Month

4 Hours - $130/ Month

Unlimited Class Program - Ages 3 to 6 - $99/Month

                                               Ages 7 and Up-$140

Siblings - 20 % off above rates

Boys - 30% off their first year.

Kindermusik Classes have a $13 a home materials kit monthly fee.

Classes must have a minimum of 4 students enrolled for the class to run.





The Shooting Star program is for dancers to progress faster and to strengthen their bodies in a developmentally appropriate way.  Members of this program receive 4 pair of tights free per year (boys will receive a pair of dance pants), a Shooting Star TShirt, participation in the Student Choreography Showcase, and they will participate in the beginning part of the finale dance in the year end recital.  

Ages 3 to 6 - $99/month

Ages 7+ - $140/month

Our Princess dance camps incorporate dance, crafts, and snacks into each session.  Children will love playing "make-believe" during the creative drama component and will imagine their way to the royal ball.  We encourage dress up during this camp.