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We enroll year round.  Tuition is charged the 1st of each month and covers all the classes in that month.  If you enroll mid-month we pro-rate. 


Once enrolled your class space is held for each month.  To stop enrollment, just let us know before the next month.

We offer a flexible make up policy allowing make ups for any classes missed.  

We also offer "Bonus" Enrollment weeks.  During these months you may attend any and all of the classes in your child's age/level at no additional charge.

Parents can enjoy complimentary tea or coffee in our waiting room.  Siblings can play with the tunnels, games, and puzzles.  

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Tuition Rates and Other Fees

Our studio follows a schedule that follows the school year, but you can enroll at any time.  Once enrolled your class space is held month to month.    

Yearly Registration Fee- $25/Student; $45/Family

30 Minute Class - $42/Month

45 Minute Class - $45/Month

60 Minute Class - $50/Month 

75 Minute Class - $55/Month

1 1/2 Hours Classtime - $65/Month

1 3/4 Hours Classtime- $75/Month

2 Hours Classtime - $80/Month

2 1/4 Hours  Classtime- $85

2 1/2 Hours Classtime - $90/month

2 Hours 45 Minutes - $95/month

3 Hours  -$100/Month

3 Hours 15 Min- $110

3 Hours 30 Min- $115/Month

3 Hours 45 Min- $120/Month

4 Hours - $130/ Month

Unlimited Class Program -

The Shooting Star program is for dancers to progress faster and to strengthen their bodies in a developmentally appropriate way.  Members of this program receive 4 pair of tights free per year (boys will receive a pair of dance pants), a Shooting Star TShirt, participation in the Student Choreography Showcase, and they will participate in the beginning part of the finale dance in the year end recital.  

Ages 3 to 6 - $99/month

Ages 7+ - $140/month


Siblings - 20 % off above rates

Boys - 30% off their first year.

Classes must have a minimum of 4 students enrolled for the class to run.

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Our Princess dance camps incorporate dance, crafts, and snacks into each session.  Children will love playing "make-believe" during the creative drama component and will imagine their way to the royal ball.  We encourage dress up during this camp.