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Mission Statement

HEATHER FORTIER, Director/Instructor

Heather Fortier has been involved with dance for over three decades.  Stepping into her first dance class at 4 years old, she has been dancing ever since.  Her dancing has brought her around the country as a student, dancer, and educator.  She was active at the competitive level, receiving many awards.  Her love for teaching began in high school when she was an assistant teacher at Dance Arts Centre and then further hired on as a teacher.  Pursuing an education degree brought her opportunities to teach  college dance classes, after-school dance programs and within the dance studio setting.  She is a member of Dance Educator's of America.  She is a licensed Kindermusik educator, and was a Zumba educator and USAG Safety Certified Gymnastics Instructor.

Whether a student is dancing for fun, exercise or planning to enter the arts on a professional level, we are here to guide them along the way. We believe that children can learn best in a positive, happy, creative environment and that when a student leaves dance class, they have a feeling of self-worth and joy from working hard and doing their best.
We strongly believe in choosing age and level appropriate music, class content, choreography and costuming. 

Dance classes develop not only the body but the brain as well.  Children who participate in a dance class develop cognitive skills (skills that help with math) by formation changes, patterning/putting groups of steps together, and musical exposure.  They develop balance, control, posture, focus and listening skills.  They learn that they are an important part of a group giving them a feeling of self-worth, but also a feeling of altruism.


Classes are designed with this in mind and teachers are trained to see every dancer's strengths but also their needs and weaknesses.  We adjust lesson plans to the needs of the class eliminating the need for private classes to "work on skills"  

Developing all these skills through each of the developmental levels from young child through adult we provide a quality and professional dance experience.

Natalie Roberts - Natalie began dancing at 2 years old.  She took classes in dance and gymnastics and particiated in competitions.   She also participated in the Patriots Jr. Cheerleading program.  She attended Sullivan University and has a AA degree in Culinary Arts.  She is very excited to be teaching this year at LPSD.  

Dana Roberts - Dana has been dancing her entire life.  She is from Connnecticut where she danced throughout her childhood and early adult life.  She was the director of summer dance camps in eastern Connecticut and was a Zumba instructor.