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It is our belief that dance is a continual learning activity.  Children are able to build upon the skills (dance, spatial, musical, social and more) each month.  We have found that children that enroll for short sessions do not receive the full benefit of a dance education.  We offer a school year and a summer session.  Tuition is charged the 1st of each month and covers all the classes in that month.  We do close during some school vacation weeks and holiday weeks and are closed for a few weeks in the summer for our teacher continuing education and training.  We have factored into the monthly rate the shorter months and have averaged that in to compute monthly payment.  If you enroll mid-month we pro-rate.  


Once enrolled your class space is held for each month.  To stop enrollment, just let us know before the next month. No credits are given for the month currently enrolled. Our classes fall/winter/spring classes cease with the recital.  During the Summer we offer a short session, with other single day events.  

To Cease Enrollment- send us an email, or unenroll from portal.  You will still be responsible for the remaining classes in that month, but there will be no charges for the following month.  

Costume Fees are non-refundable.

Tuition Rates

Yearly Registration Fee- $25/ Individual; $40/ Family.  

Family Discount- 20 % off siblings.  

Monthly Tuition -  

(Add up the total length of each class enrolled in.  For example, if enrolled in a 45 minute class your tuition is $50/month; if enrolled in (2) 45 Minute classes, your tuition is $75/month/ If enrolled in (3) hour long classes your tuition is $115 - each month. 2nd child is  20% off of these rates.  

30 Minute - $45/month

45 Minute - $50/Month

1 Hour  - $60/Month

1 Hour 15 Min - $62.50/Month

1 Hr 30 Minutes - $75/Month

1 Hr 45 Minutes -$80/Month

2 Hours - $90/Month

2 Hours 15 Minute -$95/Month

2 Hours 30 Minutes - $105/Month

2 Hours 45 Minute - $110/Month

3 Hours - $120/Month

3.25 Hours- $125.00/Month

3.5 Hours- $130.00/Month

3.75 Hours- $135.00/Month

4 Hours - $145/Month

4.25 Hours- $155/Month

4.5 Hours- $160/Month

4.75 Hours- $170/Month

5 Hours- $175/Month

5.5 Hours- $185/Month

5.75 Hours-$190/Month

6 Hours - $200/Month


Make-Up Policy 

If you need to miss a class, you may schedule a make up class.  This can be done through the registration portal.  We do not give discounts or refunds for missed classes.  

Pro-Rated Tuition - We enroll at anytime.  If you enroll mid-month our enrollment system will discount that month's enrollment to offset missed classes.  

Inclement Weather - In the event of bad weather, we will post 1 hour prior to your classtime on this website, our Face Book, Instagram and registration portal.  We do not give a call for studio closure.  We do not give discounts for bad weather closures, however make ups are made available.

Dress Code - Proper clothing is  imperative to learning how to properly dance, even for the littles.  In addition to allowing for free movement, it also allows our teachers to be able to notice any misalignments or bad habits.  Dancers who dress like a dancer, dance substantially better than if they are not properly dressed.  

Our dress code takes into account our winter recital.  So as to not add additional expenses we use our dress code as the outfit for the winter recital.  Our Spring Dance Gala is different and we order costumes for that event. Your dancer can wear other dancewear, but all will need at least the basics from our dress code package to wear in winter concert.  Also NO STREET CLOTHING IS ALLOWED.  This means no pants, skirts, oversized sweatshirts etc in class.


Current Dress Code is being analyzed to check if products will still be available for the 2023/2024 school year.  

Little Stars DANCE-

Pink Ballet Slippers, Tan Tap Shoes, Revolution Dance Sparkle Dress, Pink Tights. 

Mini Stars - Pink Sparkle

Little Stars - lilac Sparkle Dress

Little Stars 2/Rising Stars- Blue Sparkle Dress

Boys - Black Shorts or Sweatpants, White TShirt, Black Ballet Slippers and Black Oxford Tie Shoes.

Little Stars ACRO

In the Little Stars Acro program dancers wear leggings or bikeshorts with a purple/lilac leotard. 

Rising Stars DANCE

Berry Leotard Classic Leotard,

CLassic Pink Ballet Slippers

Tan Tap Shoes 

Classic Pink Tights

Optional Skirt

Rising Stars ACRO

In the Rising Stars Acro classes dancers wear leggings or bike shorts and a light blue leotard.   

Shooting Stars 

Teal Leotard

Black Bike Shorts or Leggings are optional

Ballet Skirts are optional 

Ballet - Classic Pink Ballet Slippers

Tap Black Tie Taps

Jazz - Tan Slip on Jazz Shoes

Pointe - Dancers must have teacher recommendation to take pointe and recommendation will include pointe shoe instructions. 

Shooting Stars ACRO

In the Shooting Stars Level- Acro dancers wear black leggings, teal leotard or teal camisole top. 


In our Hip Hop classes, dancers wear "converse" type sneakers that are only worn at the studio.  (outside sneakers can bring in rocks that will tear our studio flooring)


Black Leggings and the Leotard or Camisole top for their age level.

Tots -  Bright Pink

Kids - Purple 

Tweens/Teens- Teal 


*Keep in mind legwarmers, ballet sweaters can be warn too.  

Class Observation

Our waiting room is small, but we do have an area for parents and siblings.  We allow all classes to be observed at all times.  In case of health or other restrictions, we reserve the right to limit observation through video.  

Siblings are welcome to play in waiting room. 

Performance Costs


In late fall/early winter we do a Winter Showcase.  This gets our dancers feet wet for the stage. Our winter themes have been Snow/Frozen; Land of Sweets; and "Nutcracker" inspired.   Dancers wear their Dress Code outfit.  The only cost related is tickets for those who attend the performance.  

Spring Recital Gala - This is our big theme show with our "special" costumes.  Dancers receive a themed medal, goodie bag, recital t-shirt, costume, tights and accesories, a program book with pictures, and video links of the routines.  Recital fee includes two family tickets, and additional tickets can be purchased for additional attendees. 

Student Choreography Showcase-  NEW this year is our student choreography showcase.  This event is for our older elementary and older dancers who wish to showcase their choreography.  More information will be forth coming. 

Mini Musical Theater/Mini Ballet -  NEW this year.  Also new this year is our Mini Musical Theater/Mini Ballet production.  

Our Princess dance camps incorporate dance, crafts, and snacks into each session.  Children will love playing "make-believe" during the creative drama component and will imagine their way to the royal ball.  We encourage dress up during this camp.  

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